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On admission to Parkview Care

There was a history of domestic violence in the family home. Molly was previously residing in a long-term foster placement. Her behaviours became more challenging resulting in substance misuse and violence towards her foster carer. This resulted in the foster placement breaking down. Feedback from the social worker advised we were the only provider who showed any interest in believing we could see through the complexities of Molly and come up with a plan which would provide her with a stable long term placement and work through the complexities of her previous life experiences.

What were the difficulties?

Molly was incredibly angry. She felt her foster placement was secure and would not break down. She resisted engaging with us and sought to fracture the placement. There were regular instances where Molly was violent towards staff when angry or upset.

The work we undertook with Molly and her network

We worked closely with CAMHS, which meant lots of negotiation between placing authority CAMHS and our local NHS CAMHS services. We maintained regular contact with the social work team and Molly’s former foster carers.

Molly’s successes

We were able to build meaningful relationships with Molly by ensuring we ringfenced key working time and made sure we kept to every commitment we made to Molly. This enabled Molly to start trusting adults and helped to remove her beliefs that adults would let her down. She was able to form secure attachments; that we were listening to her views and wishes. This translated into a change in her behaviour, attitude and thinking.


Before coming to us Molly was previously excluded from school. By working closely with her placing authority’s education department and our school we were able to devise an engagement plan which provided her with routine, structure and purpose in the learning environment.

What Emerged?

Molly found it hard to regulate her moods. She was regularly violent towards staff. She went missing several times. There was some confusion regarding her sexual identity and shared, this was not something she had felt safe enough to previously explore.

Molly’s progress and achievement

Molly has been able to learn and increase her awareness regarding her emotional wellbeing. In being able to explore her emotions and feelings, we were able to create space where Molly could learn who she is and start to develop a much better understanding of her personality and explore aspects, such as sexuality, she had previously not been able to do.

Through listening to Molly, we were able to set realistic goals and targets linked to her emotional wellbeing and awareness. This resulted in a significant change in how she saw the world and her surroundings. We facilitated regular contact with her former foster carers and advocated her wishes through the LAC review process. This resulted in agreement and planned transition for Molly to move back to her former foster placement.

We were able to work closely with her Children’s Services and the education department which enabled a restorative meeting with the school she had been excluded from. The school were able to recognise the change and progress Molly had made. In follow up meetings and liaising closely with Parkview Academy it was agreed she could return to her former school.

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