Changing Lives.

Shaping Futures

At Parkview Care, we have been changing lives and shaping futures for more than a decade. We know there is not “one size fits all” when it comes to providing care, support and education and this is why we tailor our services to meet the individual needs of every child & young person.

We are committed to the protection, welfare, growth and development of every child and young person we look after, helping to shape their future. We strive to be a source of structure and inspiration, creating aspirations for a brighter tomorrow.

Through communication, compassion and commitment, Parkview Care changes the directions and ultimately the lives of those we care and support, setting them off on a path to a positive future.

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Why Parkview Care?

We believe residential care should not be the last option, but should be the first option for some children & young people.

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Quality Residential Homes

Our homes are managed by skilled staff who are dedicated to children & young people’s development, health and wellbeing.

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High Quality Education

Our models of education take account of the needs, feelings and unique experiences of each individual child and young person.

Training Centre

Our staff are provided with robust relevant training via our Training Centre, Parkview Training.

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16+ Supported Accommodation & Outreach

children & young people are supported to grow and develop lifelong skills which enable a positive future.

“The Simple Act of Caring Is Heroic” – Edward Albert

We take great pride in providing high-quality residential care which focuses clearly on enabling children & young people to achieve success and fulfilment.

Our Homes

Our Homes

Home Is Not A Place,
It’s A Feeling

Our homes offer a welcoming, secure and safe environment for children & young people. Our staff provide nurturing and supportive care, helping to foster a sense of belonging.

Success Stories

Our Services

Tailored for Each Child
& Young Person

We provide a variety of services which ensure the exact needs of each individual child or young person are met and they receive the right support and encouragement to grow and develop.

Our Services

Success Stories

Communication, Compassion
& Commitment

We are incredible proud to have played a major part in many success stories over the past 17 years. We are so pleased to see many of our children & young people go on to achieve amazing things. Our services are designed for children & young people with varying needs and behaviours. We provide same day placements for vulnerable children & young people together with more planned transitions into our care.