On admission to Parkview Care

Before Kairo came to Parkview Academy he had been known to abscond from school and plan ways of absconding from school grounds. Kairo has SEMH needs and has shown struggles with this in the past. Since coming to Parkview Academy there has been extensive work and interventions done with Kairo on a one-to-one basis, as well as a collective group.

Kairo is a confident and happy young person who can articulate his views and wishes well. However, Kairo can find it difficult to express his views and wishes appropriately. Kairo is a young lad with a kind heart and can be very caring at times, although he can struggle to engage socially with peers which at times can be slightly aggressive.

What were the difficulties?

Kairo enjoys Maths and can work independently if he is in the right mindset. Kairo has the knowledge and confidence to team teach to peers with overseeing guidance of the teacher.

Kairo does struggle with conforming to expectations that are asked of him, however, if it is explained Kairo will comply.

There are times when Kairo may seem like he is being rebellious but due to his sleep struggles we have come to an understanding of Kairo’s needs.

The work we undertook with Kairo and his network

First and foremost, Kairo needed to build trust and positive relationships with staff. The consistency of approach, clear structure and routine have all contributed to Kairo settling into a positive routine.

Keeping Kairo focused on lessons is key to keeping him engaged in his learning. Kairo often expresses ways in which he wants to learn which has helped with engagement.

Kairo having the time and space to regulate when he needs to, have played an important part in keeping Kairo on track and this has been accomplished using the sensory room. During this time Kairo can chose to reflect on/discuss incidents or not, rather than him being pressured to do so.

Kairo has also undertaken mindfulness interventions which helps him regulate his emotions and recognise when he may benefit from taking time out.

What emerged?

In Kairo’s first few weeks with Parkview Academy, Kairo expressed some anxiety around education from previous experiences where he had shown poor attendance and incidents involving not following school rules.

On arrival he settled in very well, accepted support that was on offer which helped him engage and understand that education was not how he had previously perceived it from his experiences.

Kairo’s successes


Kairo is much more focused on his education and has built positive relationships with both staff and peers. Kairo has also shown a high interest in drama, getting other pupils involved and putting together a school production. Kairo has shown a growing confidence and strengthening self-esteem within his attitude towards education.

Kairo’s progress

With continued support from staff, Kairo has made really good progress towards his targets. Kairo’s attitude and behaviour, and his ability to regulate have improved considerably.

Kairo is more focused on his education, this is evidenced though the amount of time he spends in class, often eager to complete additional tasks.

Kairo has joined in with ideas on how to make the school better for other students and is putting together a school production with drama where he is encouraging other students to get involved.

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