On admission to Parkview Care

Gus has had an eventful start to his life and has a lot of life experiences. Gus came to Parkview Academy after having several school placement breakdowns. Gus’s traits when arriving at Parkview Academy were:

  • Incapable of listening or following instructions
  • Being disruptive and extremely loud
  • Being able to listen to adults and doing as asked
  • Leaving lessons
  • Difficulty attending to tasks or staying focused independently
  • Struggled to maintain friendships with peers, due to high level outbursts
  • Inability to put pen to paper or even complete a lesson

What were the difficulties?

Gus has Social, Emotional Mental Health (SEMH) needs, has a busy homelife and his father suffers from mental health issues.

Gus tends to feel he needs to step up as he has an older sister and doesn’t believe it’s fair for her to take on lots.

Gus’s attendance before attending Parkview Academy was very poor and reflected in his progress and attainment.

Gus’s first few days/weeks at school were unsettled. He struggles to adhere to rules and boundaries and follow simple instructions from staff.

Gus’s successes


With continued support, Gus has continued to make really good progress towards his targets and learning.  His overall behaviour, attitude, and ability to regulate have improved considerably.

The work we undertook with Gus and his network

Gus has and continues to have interventions to help regulate his emotions within social aspects with engagement with peers and staff, allowing him to think about if he is using appropriate strategies and use of language.

Perseverance from Gus and staff, through careful intervention planning; support given to him in class either as a group or one on one; daily check in’s and supporting Gus in his everyday life skills whilst at Parkview Academy have all contributed to this success.

What emerged?

Gus has begun to steadily start regulating his behaviour more effectively. The number and intensity of incidents through de-escalation interventions have begun to decrease.

Gus’s attitude towards his learning and engagement has really picked up and increased, this has shown through his knowledge and understanding as well as in his written work.

Gus’s progress

Gus has made progress in his self-confidence and self-esteem whilst at Parkview Academy and there has been a noticeable change in his attitude towards learning and

education, which has led to his real personality shining through exhibiting a calmer manner and growing trust towards the staff supporting him.

Gus has now become an independent learner and is able to write at good levels, demonstrate understanding and knowledge which shows in his attitude towards all subjects.

Gus has gained the confidence to build firm and consistent relationships with staff and this growing trust has allowed him to show different levels of humour with each individual staff member.

Gus has shown that he can be empathetic towards peers and staff at times however, he is still working on saying the appropriate things sometimes lapsing into old behaviour traits.

Education frustrations appear to have changed and Gus is now managing his behaviour in a positive way by talking about his feelings, instead of walking out of class or having big outbursts.

Gus can now recognise when he needs a break and can voice this openly and respectfully to peers and staff.

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