Parkview Academy

Situated in Margate, Parkview Academy was established in 2017 and caters for students experiencing learning difficulties associated with Social, Emotional & Mental Health (SEMH).

A large four storey property with an enclosed garden, the school is well equipped to offer one-to-one or group teaching for students at all levels, with the opportunity to achieve nationally recognised accreditations in a variety of subjects through NCFE, AQA and ASDAN.

We aim to equip our students to become valuable members of society with the skills they need to enjoy a full, well-integrated and satisfying life, providing an encouraging and rewarding environment.


English Functional SkillsPASS
Level 1 – Speaking and Listening4
Level 1 – Reading2
Level 1 – Writing1

The number of complaints logged for 2022-2023 = 0


It gives me great pleasure to warmly welcome you to the Parkview Academy website.  Our school is a vibrant, child-centred hub of learning with the students always at the very heart of the community.

At Parkview Academy, we strive to nurture and develop the unique talents of each pupil within a positive and supportive environment.

We offer an ambitious, broad, and balanced curriculum that is designed to both meet individual and academic needs whilst challenging our young people to work beyond the limits they have set for themselves. Through prioritising a culture of mutual trust and respect, we aim to encourage a life-long love of learning to enable all students to look towards their future with aspiration and a firm belief that they can reach their full potential.

We hope you enjoy viewing all that Parkview has to offer and welcome further enquires or requests for information.

Laura Stubbs

(Acting) Teacher in Charge

Our Aims


To provide a secure, positive and supportive environment where each individual can contribute and feel valued.


To awaken a thirst for knowledge, understanding and to develop necessary skills.


To support students in acquiring the knowledge, skills and understanding relevant to their future.


To encourage personal responsibility, respect, co-operation and sensitivity to the needs of others.


To support all students in developing effective Literacy and Numeracy skills.


To encourage all students to develop a love of learning and become life-long learners.

Our Curriculum

Parkview Academy offers a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum. The teaching is centered around an understanding of each child & young person’s needs and learning styles, and nurtures the unique talents of every student.

Our Philosophy and Expectations

We believe that disruptive and challenging behaviour always has an underlying cause. As a result, we use consequences sparingly, and ensure that we prioritise developing a culture of mutual trust and respect in order to help each and every child & young person to reach their full potential.

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Parkview Academy fundamentally operates within two main principles:

All children & young people, without exception, are to be valued as unique and special members of society, with the ability to exceed and achieve.

Religious Education

R.E. will be embedded into the curriculum, giving students opportunities to gain knowledge of the diverse religions practised worldwide. Parents/guardians/carers have a right to withdraw their Children & Young People from specific religious instruction.


Parkview Academy will not tolerate bullying in any form. A comprehensive anti-bullying policy operates within the school along with a set of procedures to identify and deal with any incidents quickly and effectively.

All school policies and procedures are available on request.

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Parkview Girl

“Pupils make sure not to miss school. This is no surprise considering the warm, friendly welcome they receive when they arrive.

The passion and patience shown by leaders and staff helps make a real difference for pupils.

This is a school that really believes in its pupils. Leaders and staff keep their expectations high. They pay close attention to pupils’ troubled previous experiences of education, but only to meet pupils’ current needs better. Staff are determined to help pupils achieve all they can in whatever limited time is available during their placement at the school.

The recent charity coffee morning and community garden project were both terrific achievements. Pupils and staff are tremendously proud of this work.”

– Ofsted

Parkview Academy Policies, Brochure & Latest Inspection Report

The following policies are available upon request from the school or the proprietor during opening hours

Parkview Academy Brochure

At Parkview Academy, we offer a rich and vibrant curriculum which is ambitious for all learners.

Ofsted Inspection Report

Read our latest inspection report from Ofsted regarding Parkview Academy.

Parkview Academy Contact Details


Parkview Academy
8 Approach Road
Kent CT9 2AN
T: 01843 606817
E: [email protected]


Parkview Education Limited
The Brentano Suite
Solar House
915 High Road
London N12 8QJ
T: 0345 647 7777
E: [email protected]


Terry McKenzie
T: 0345 647 7777
E: [email protected]

To make a referral for a school placement please email [email protected] or call 0345 6477777

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