3 years ago

The Cottage have received an Ofsted rating of Good in their latest inspection.

A massive congratulations to the whole staff team for all of their hard work!

Some of the key points are listed below:

  • Managers and staff take pride in ensuring that well-planned key-work sessions help children to achieve meaningful goals.
  • The positive relationships that children enjoy with staff makes children feel secure and cared for and enables them to make good progress.
  • Weekly meetings are a supportive forum for children to express how they are feeling and to have a say in the day-to-day running of the home.
  • Meaningful opportunities to talk to staff about themselves and the world around them are empowering experiences for children.
  • Safeguarding children is a priority.
  • Working closely with other professionals is given high priority by managers.
  • Staff receive regular supervision and good-quality training that is relevant to the needs of the children that they are looking after.