The staff at Parkview Academy are not shy of getting involved when it comes to dressing up or taking part in activities.

They recently created a murder mystery day, where the staff dressed up as characters from Alice in Wonderland and the students were given clues to help them discover ‘who did it’.

It was an eventful day where students were set specific tasks, such as screaming ‘there has been a murder’, finding props and clues and one student was tasked with photo bombing any photos that were being taken that day.

This promoted team work as the students worked in teams of 3 and it really brought confidence to the group. A huge thank you to Terri for all of her hard work and efforts in organising this fantastic event.

You may also remember our news story around the staff dressing up for a Halloween themed coffee morning and pyjama day where they raised £282.49 for Alzheimer’s UK, a charity chosen by the students.

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