2 years ago

There is a cumulative impact of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) on health and behaviour – the higher the level of adversity the greater the effect.

The common factor associated with ACEs is a toxic traumatic response which in turn triggers and promotes a wide variety of overlapping mental and physical responses, which results in challenging behaviour displayed in adolescence. 

Our home’s management teams spent the day developing their practice of trauma informed approaches, identifying protective factors which can reduce harmful effects for the young people we care for. 

The conference consisted of a number of different services supporting children and young people to come together in a ‘modular’ approach which integrates research based practice elements distilled from across the field of interventions to work with children and young people’s overlapping mental health needs. 

We look forward to seeing our managers implement a number of the elements with their team and multi agency network which they have developed their understanding of today.